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elgin employment lawyers ukIs your workplace bringing you down? Are you being harassed at work, or have been offered a settlement agreement and don’t know what to do? For many people, this is a reality, and our team of local solicitors are here to help. 

Our team of skilled solicitors serve all of Scotland including Elgin and the surrounding areas. We are part of Employment Law Inverness, and all of our solicitors are held to the high standards that one would expect to see from Employment Law Inverness as an industry leader.

Local Employment Law Solicitors

Our team of solicitors at any of our city offices can aid you through what is a stressful process. We aim to take most of the load off of our clients and investigate your claim in order to verify the claim and to hold those responsible to account. Many of our clients do not realise the complexities that can arise from the ever-changing nature of employment law.  We ensure that clients are fully aware how their case is progressing and speak to them using terms that they understand. We can provide advice at an early stage in regards to any disputes that arise in the workplace.

Numerous cases do not progress to court, but are instead concluded through the offering and acceptance of a settlement agreement. Some employers try to undersell employees when initially making an offer, therefore it is vital that you have the best lawyers available who know what your claim is worth, and know what a good offer is. Our lawyers will be able to use their years of experience in dealing with employment law cases to inform you of what is the best deal for your circumstances.

Making A Claim

We deal with all types of employment law including settlement agreements, unfair dismissal claims, discrimination cases and much more. If you believe that you could be entitled to make an employment claim against an employer, our team of customer service representatives and lawyers will be able to inform you in minutes if you could make a claim.

Making a claim can be a complex procedure, and we will require as much evidence as possible in order to build the strongest possible case. Whether this be a stream of emails between you and the person/group in question, or if it is simply the initial settlement offer or witness statement, any evidence you can provide to back up your claim could prove to be vital.

We have helped thousands of clients across the country but understand that every claim is different, and everyone reacts in different ways. Making a claim, in general, can be daunting. Therefore, we understand why some find it so difficult to take legal action against an employer. However, if you have been bullied or your life has been made a misery by an incident or individual in the workplace, can you really afford to not take legal action?

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if you require legal advice or representation regarding an employment claim or settlement agreement, contact us on 01463 215 569 or complete our online contact form.

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