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If you have received a settlement agreement please contact Employment Law Inverness immediately for legal advice. A settlement Agreement is a contract between the employer and employee agreeing that the employees' employment is terminated in return for financial compensation and often a reference.

Settlement Agreements are frequently initiated by an employer but an employee can equally request one. The financial compensation provided by the employer is normally more than would be available if the employee was being made redundant – it is an enhanced payment and advice should be obtained as to whether the offer is an appropriate one in all the circumstances.

Settlement Agreements

Employers usually enter into such agreements to protect themselves against the employee making a claim to the Employment Tribunal Service. The agreements can be offered to employees for a number of reasons such as general business needs or difficulties in the employment law relationship.

Employment Law Inverness regularly advise employees on the terms of such settlement agreements and can assist in negotiating the drafting of such a document.

I have received a Settlement Agreement, what should I now do?

We offer legal advice to employees. You should contact us immediately upon receiving a settlement agreement from your employer. We will give you clear advice on the offer given to you and whether it is fair and in your interests to accept.

In order that an employee can accept the terms of a Settlement Agreement, they must have obtained independent legal advice about the terms of the contract and the legal implications in signing same. The legal advisor must have professional indemnity insurance. It is for the employer to meet the legal costs of provision of this advice so you will not incur legal fees.

Even though the legal costs are being met by the employer the advice that is provided to you is in no way affected – you become our client and we act to protect and promote your interests at all times.

As an Employee do I need to accept the Settlement Agreement offer?

You are perfectly entitled to refuse to sign a Settlement Agreement if one has been offered to you. As the name suggests, agreement requires to be reached between the employer and employee and of this does not happen the employment law relationship would simply continue. Each offer often has different circumstances surrounding it being made and we can discuss with you any possible repercussions that may flow from refusing to accept the offer.

If we reach agreement, what does that mean?

The Settlement Agreement will list conditions prohibiting the seeking of a claim through an Employment Tribunal. The effect of signing and accepting the agreement including its conditions is that the employment relationship will come to an end. The employee will receive the agreed lump sum at a specified date and the employer will be secure in the knowledge that no claim will be forthcoming through the Employment Tribunal System. The agreement will also contain the termination date and usually an agreement to provide a basic reference.

Why Are Settlement Agreements Beneficial?

Settlement Agreements are commonly associated with job loss, however they can be used to solve numerous issues such as resolving a conflict or preventing a harassment case going to court. Despite this many associate a settlement agreement with redundancy and see their offer in a negative light. However, settlement agreements can be beneficial to employees as well as employers.

Due to the nature of a settlement agreement and the circumstances that they are offered in, the vast majority tend to be a reasonable amount of money, often around three months salary.

A percentage of the fee offered as part of a settlement agreement is also given tax-. They also allow employees to avoid going through the unnecessary stress of taking their case to an employment tribunal. Settlement agreements allow workers or those leaving the company to part amicably without a public or personal court battle. Furthermore conditions such as "a good reference" or other employment conditions can be included.

Beneficial to Employers

Settlement agreements can also be beneficial to employers, with many saving costs of legal fees and ensuring that they are protected legally from an employment tribunal claim. Under an air tight settlement agreement, the employee waives the right to bring their claim before an employment tribunal giving peace of mind to the employer.. Companies with a number of skilled workers often use settlement agreements because certain conditions can be put in the agreement. Under a condition, workers may not be able to work for a competitor or in a certain area of employment for a time period. Naturally this comes with a larger payoff, but it protects the company from giving competitors knowledge or skilled workers.

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