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Our working lives are so important to us – both financially and in terms of personal fulfilment. Security of employment is crucial and the prospect of employment suddenly coming to an end can be unsettling. These feelings of distress are amplified when the termination of employment seems unfair.

Unfair Dismissal

If you believe your dismissal from work was unfair, Employment Law Inverness are ready to provide legal advice and services to you in the Inverness area. Our solicitors are specialists in this field, and are ready to fight for you.

Have I been unfairly dismissed?

There are many reasons why an employer-employee relationship may come to an end. The employee may be sacked, the employment contract may come to an end, or the employee may resign. In certain circumstances, any of these may constitute a dismissal. It is important to seek legal advice to ensure that you have in fact been dismissed, if it is in any way unclear. For example, if your employer left you with little choice but to resign, this may constitute a dismissal and you may be entitled to compensation.

In order to get financial compensation, it is not enough to show that you have been dismissed. There are many valid and fair reasons why an employer may bring the employment relationship to an end. These include the employee’s own bad behaviour or his or her poor performance in the workplace. However, you will be entitled to a legal remedy if you were unfairly dismissed. This may be the case if you have lost your job because of an automatically unfair reason (pregnancy, maternity leave or trade union work, for example). Equally, though, an otherwise fair dismissal may become unfair because the employer failed to follow the correct procedure. Employers should normally consult their employees or give them formal warnings before letting them go.

Can I get financial compensation if I have been unfairly dismissed?

If, having heard evidence, the Tribunal concludes that the dismissal was unfair, there are a range of possible outcomes. For example, if you wish to return to your previous job, you may ask the Tribunal to consider making an order for your reengagement.

However, often employees are reluctant to return to their former place of work. This may be because they are upset by the decision to dismiss, where there was discrimination for example, or because their relationship with their employer has substantially deteriorated. Alternatively, the employer may simply be unable to rehire the employee, as the role no longer exists. If this is the case, the court will grant an award for compensation. This can cover your past and future losses, over the period you have been and will be out of work.

How can Employment Law Inverness help me with my unfair dismissal claim?

If you have been dismissed and feel that your dismissal was unfair, Employment Law Inverness can assist you in working out whether or not you have a claim to make for unfair dismissal. We can help you assess whether or not your claim will succeed in the Employment Tribunal, and whether or not you will be able to negotiate a settlement outside court. We will take the time to listen to your situation and advise you as to the best route forward.

If after discussions with you we are instructed to raise the matter before Employment Tribunal, our solicitors will guide you through the process of bringing a claim. Unfair Dismissal is a complex area of the law which requires expert advice. For example, claims for unfair dismissal must be brought within three months of the termination of employment, and will not be heard if they are not brought within this strict time limit. There are also many rules to follow.

Employment Law Inverness will ensure that you meet all the tribunal deadlines, submit the correct forms and put your arguments persuasively using the correct legal terminology. In addition, our lawyers will help you support your case with evidence by drafting witness statements on your behalf.

Employment Law Inverness will offer you realistic advice on your chances of success and will thereafter update you regularly on progress of your case.

Expert Employment Law Solicitors in Inverness

Financial compensation for your dismissal is only a phone call away. For professional advice and unrivalled expertise, contact Employment Law Inverness Inverness on 01463 215 569 or fill out our online enquiry form to discuss how we can help you and your current situation.


Employment Law Inverness - Employment Law Inverness

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